the vange routine is the best suited workout routine for me. i am writing about in order to explain the workout selection process.


  • focus
  • learn
  • repeat
  • improve


wanting to have a routine of mine was something i’ve always wanted. when i took a physical science at my university, we learned that a workout routine is unique to the person. yeah there are general routines that help big sections of the population, but nevertheless, there is one routine out there best fitting to you or me.

i started with the internet like everybody does, but i also participated in different physical classes. what i found out was that i just loved movement. movement was the common denominator of all the different diciplines i was learning. when i came back to dance was when i realized that dance is the artistic way of using movement. besides swiming, dancing uses all of the muscles-in land this time-while performing. i say i dance because that is one of my technique or sport i do that relies on my physical strength-it’s important if you are placing different workouts during the week.

morning routine

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