• Create your own city scape.
  • Work with photo references or your own style.
  • Pick one complementary color combination with tint, shade, tone.


  1. 3 ideas.
  2. Pick one for painting.
  3. Painting specifications:
    • 12 inches by 15 inches or larger.
    • Bristol or white cold pressed board or canvas board


Sketch 1

  • In this sketch I imagined the city encapsulated and floating in space. To make out a pattern I arranged building blocks across from each other.

  • I wanted to play around with freeways and how they would look if they were twisted.

Sketch 2

  • This vision is about the proletarian class that sustains the urban setting. The worker will be on top of earth as it holds everything else.

Sketch 3

  • If I go the 2 dimentional route, then I wanted to create patterns with urban icons relevant to me. I transport myself on bike which is why I used the bike as one of the icons.


After I presented my ideas to my instructor, she suggested the following:

Sketch Feedback